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Dynamic Packaging

Give your customers access to the widest offer, to plan and book their
business trip, in total compliance with the company’s policies.

B2B, B2C and Business Travel

Looking for a portal that perfectly adapts to that segment of the market you are interested to? Chose the best one for your needs and commercial strategies!

A wide range of services

Offer flights, hotels, business trips, hikes, insurances, car rentals, ferries and trains according to the different needs of every traveller.

The most complete offer

We offer the only platform able to grant you integration with all of 35 suppliers. We are always looking for new business partners, for a wider offer for your customers.

Customised look & feel

Chose the L&F for your portal that best suits the style of your brand. You can “mould” your website and personalise the interface, deciding in total freedom those style and graphics that better describe your company.

Immediate reservations

Aggregate multiple services for a single reservation into the shopping basket, saving time and making your reservations much easier and faster.

Maximun Control

Through an easy and immediate BackOffice section, you can personalise different parts of the system, adapting it to your needs. You can insert promotions, special offers and monitor all contents of your site.

Improvability and guaranteed power

With a solid and tested system architecture, our platform can improve its performance any time.

Easy payments

Payments will no longer be a problem. Chose among: Bank Transfer, Credit card, Overdraft and PayPal. The platform is integrated in real time with the main banks.

Complete integration

A perfect integration with any management software (i.e. Aves, Siap, Zucchetti, Ideal, Next…) makes any process automated, eliminating the need for an operator.

Goodbye double quotations!

The module IntelliSearch prevents from getting different prices for the same hotel from different suppliers, by returning only the best quote.

Grant independence to
Travel Agencies

Travel Agencies never had the possibility to be so independent so far, thanks to an easy and fast working tool that allows to automatically cancel a reservation, without any delays or the need for specialised personnel.

Maximise profits

An efficient management of the mark-up will grant you wide profit margins. By means of a very flexible interface, it is possible to modify the mark-up of a single hotel, city or Country.

Efficient messaging

Never more troubles with penalties. An e-mail will notify on time the expiry date of a reservation, avoiding unpleasant hassles.

Multilanguage & –currency

Operating in a global market, we remove barriers by offering a multi-language and –currency interface.

No Mapping

Zero times and responsibilities for mapping. No more boring data entry for your customer. Get a personalised quality service dedicated to your success.

Business Rules

Easily define and manage your commercial and marketing strategies. Reduce the time and activities involved and increase the chances to respond to a market in constant evolution.

Extreme customization

Personalize every feature without any limitations, thanks to the powerful and flexible system architecture.

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