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eMinds Lab

A laboratory of ideas meant to experiment and innovate.


What is eMindsLab?

A forge for ideas, meant to experiment and innovate. Our goal is to provide innovative technological solutions. To succeed in this, it is necessary to try and innovate, and test continuously. If you are not only interested in staring at how the Web evolves in the world of tourism, but you also want to actively participate in forging future developments, you are welcome to join our process of continuous innovation!

“The future of travel technologies” is a totally innovative web platform that will “inspire the emotion” of travel!
t is the first achievement of the process of innovation on which eMindsLab, a department of eMinds, focuses its efforts. The platform has been designed based on 5 main features:

INTUITIVE: it is easy to use, because the visual impact is immediate. The slim and agile interface grants rapid access to the most pertinent information to the user’s requests;

EASY: find out in real time travelling times, updated weather forecasts, local hour and all you need to know before getting to destination, just rolling the pointer over the sections of your interest;

MULTIMEDIA: : the navigation here is based on pictures, videos and music, for the users to immediately sense the quality of the products they are going to purchase;

PERFORMING: a more and more flexible and smart filtering system allows that an unlimited number of information gives back tailor-made options;

EXCITING: both the operator and the customer enjoy the interface, and as a result, the research and purchase of a product become a true online experience.

The future of travel technologies is an experience that fosters a never-ending inspiration!

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